[Cinema] 4 good reasons to watch 12 Years a Slave

At last, there comes the end of the week, then you will finally be able to just grovel on your bed like a lovely pig and watch a movie. I’m going to give you four good reasons to watch or re-watch 12 Years a Slave. It’s coming the 22th January in France but I think it’s already on screen in the US. 12 Years a Slave is the true story of Solomon Northup, in 1841, afree black man from New York, who is abducted and sold into slavery. It’s not that novel will you say … Sure it’s not. We are used to see this kind of subject in many movies but IMHO it’s so much more than that. Last week, the film won Golden Globes for Best Motion Picture in Beverly Hills, Calif. Then here my five reasons to watch 12 Years a Slave. I will try to not write any spoils in this post.

12 Years A Slave : Affiche

1- The Casting

The director Steve McQueen were really inspired for the casting of his film. He selected greats actors and actresses and in my opinion, which is not lower, it’s the first reason to come and see 12 Years a Slave because they are so good that you can live the story through them. The main character is embodied by Chiwetel Ejiofor who played long years ago in Love Actually (Keira Knightley’s husband). I didn’t recognize him first and then I remembered ! I was really surprise because his role in Love Actually is, actually, so small that it’s a little bit difficult to see his talent and I’ve never seen any of his films so it was a real surprise. He understands his character so well that it’s a pleasure to see him playing. Obviously, the great Benedict Cumberbatch is my big crush. At the very first second I saw him I felt my ovaries implode eheheh ! He uses his English charm pretty well : he brings nobility to his character. The last one of the three big names is *drumrolls* Michael Fassbender, always cold and crazy … and ginger ! If you decide to watch the movie, you will have a little surprise in the end but I can’t say no more, just watch dear.

2- The Music

The second reason to watch 12 Years a Slave is obviously the music. I didn’t know who was chosen as composer. Then in 2’30” my heart just stopped and my body was shaken by a musical thrill !! I recognized immediately the genius ! If you really want to understand, you should listen to that compilation on Youtube. It’s like one big melody but actually there is three which are very very similar ! Enjoy…. If you want to keep the secret and guess by yourself, please just not read the following sentences. You have recognize the genius composer that we no longer have to present, Hans Zimmer (The Batman trilogy, Inception, the Lion King…). The soundtrack is available on Spotify, Deezer, YouTube…

By the context, there are aussi some Spiritual song , well performed which gives further credibility to the film if you remember your lesson of music’s history. Then it’s not really about music but sound. There are so much details in every sounds, in the breathing, with the violin, and long moment with no dialogue to enjoy the music.

3- The US’history

The movie is an excelent witness of American History. First because it’s inspired by the real story of Solomon Northup. He was a free man, farmer and violonist. He was kidnapped by slave-traders in 1841 ans there begun his long journey. He wrote his experiences in a book called Twelve Years A Slave (1853). I didn’t read the book but I guess the movie is pretty similar. It’s so much more stronger when those kind of story is real, because you can realise that it’s not a useless and meaningless fight.

About Slavery in the United States : Theoretically, the end of slavery was in 1865 by the end of the war and the Emancipation Proclamation. So the story takes place in 20 years before. International slave trade is prohibited but internal slave-trading continued because the owners, in the southern states, need new slaves to substitute their older ones. It’s precisely why so much free african american were kidnapped. Nowadays that seems so barbarian but do not forget that slavery still persists in the world.

4- The woman fighting

Finally I want to talk a little bit about the place of the women in this tough world, because life was a long fight for her too. I guess the women position isn’t your first idea when you think about slavery. However, the movie is really sensitive to that ! Women had to find their own places in a society governed mostly by men. The slave had to work as hard as men, sometimes better. Face the wrath and punishment of the masters, the risk of rape … On the other side, life wasn’t simple too. The mistress had to find their way to be respected by the slaves and their husbands…

Well, the best way for you to understand all those points and have your own opinion you just have to run to the cinema ! Hope I made you want to watch the movie and sorry for my poor english skills ! See ya~


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